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Every member of our team has extensive industry know-how and our huge gear selection means we can get you exactly what you need, when and where you need it. But your experience with your Gear Expert® doesn’t stop there. We aim to build a partnership with every one of our customers. That way, you can trust us to get you the gear to not only get the job done, but keep you and your workers safe. See our entire team below. Read what makes them get out of bed every morning, and check out a picture of them doing what they love. Then, give us a ring at (800) 969-5035 and talk to your favorite. We look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Padgett

I have single-handedly managed the successful upgrade and deployment of multiple environmental illumination systems with zero cost overruns and zero safety incidents.

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Nathan Sizemore

It’s been a while since I first walked in the door at GME, and I’ll tell you, it’s pretty easy to find a smile in this place. I grew up in Northeast Missouri working for my family’s construction company, attended the University of Missouri where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and Psychology, and then found myself lucky enough to find a second home at GME Supply.

My passions lie with the outdoors and everything nature has to offer. Any given weekend you can find me kayaking down a stream to catch dinner for the night, taking in the sounds and smells of a Missouri fall behind a knocked arrow, or climbing a river bluff just to set up a hammock and watch the sun go down. If you do run into me on a weekend, you’re most likely lost.

During the week you know right where to find me. Our OSHA Certified family here at GME is filled with good spirit and a dedication to get you exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call or if you’re in the area swing by and check out the Safety Experience. You might just find yourself strapped to the mini tower testing out some new gear.

Climb Higher, Friends.

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