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Iron and Steel Construction

Iron and Steel Construction Gear

As an Iron Worker, you’re built tough and ready for any challenge. You need to know that your gear is built as tough as you are. Our Gear Experts® have hand picked a selection of gear that will keep you safe and productive on the job.

From harnesses, lanyards, tools, and PPE & work wear, to bags & buckets, rescue gear, anchors and lifelines, and material handling equipment - we’ve got the gear you need. And, with FREE same-day shipping on hundreds of products, you can get the equipment you need when and where you need it.


Fall protection is an important part of your job - and here at Columbia Safety and Supply, we know fall protection. No fall protection setup is complete without a harness. A safety harness not only needs to be functional, but comfortable as well. That’s why we offer a wide variety of harnesses built with the concrete industry in mind.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing your harness is what materials the harness and hardware (like D-rings and other connectors are made of). You should also look at connection styles, sizing, and any applicable certifications.

Materials: Any fall protection harness is going to feature aluminum or steel D-rings. Aluminum D-rings are lighter but more expensive. Steel D-rings, on the other hand, are cheaper but much heavier.

D-rings, Connectors, and Sizing: You have 3 main options in connectors - tongue buckle, pass-through buckle, and quick connect buckle. Sizing varies depending on the manufacturer and we have a sizing chart reference guide to help you ensure that your harness will fit the way you need it to stay safe.

Certifications: When looking at full body harnesses it is important to keep in mind the certifications you need them to meet. If you are working in the United States you will need a harness that meets ANSI Z359.11-2014. ANSI Z359.11-2014 outlines the safety requirements for a full body harness. If you are working in Canada you will need a harness that meets the CSA requirements. Your CSA harness will need to meet the CSA Z259.10-12 Full Body Harness Standard.


Shock absorbing lanyards and SRLs (Self Retracting Lifelines) are a staple of any fall protection setup. With an extensive background in fall protection and a mission of keeping workers safe while on the job Columbia Safety and Supply has got you covered when it comes to shock absorbing lanyards and SRLs. We feature two styles of shock absorbing lanyards: single leg lanyards and twin leg lanyards. Both our selection of single leg and twin leg lanyards have a variety of options including foot level tie off, tie-back options, and 6 & 12 foot lengths. We also feature a variety of SRLs to choose from. Our full selection of SRLs includes body worn & leading edge SRLs.

Single Leg Lanyards: Our selection of single leg lanyards is diverse. Whether you are looking for a specific length, connector style, or need one for a specific application, we’ve got you covered. Our single leg shock absorbing lanyards feature an internal shock absorber that dissipates the energy of a fall - putting less stress on your body and preventing serious injury.

Twin Leg Lanyards: Like our single leg lanyards, our selection of twin leg lanyards is diverse. So, whether you are looking for a specific length, connector style, or need one for a specific application, we’ve got you covered.

Body Worn SRLs: A body worn SRL is a more compact version of a mounted SRL and works in the exact same way. The key differences are that it is smaller, lighter, and connects directly to the dorsal D-ring on your harness. Body Worn SRLs have shorter lifelines that most commonly range from 6 to 8 feet and do not exceed 8 feet in length. Another unique thing about body worn SRLs is the ability to have a twin leg configuration to provide 100% tie-off.

Leading Edge & Foot Level SRLs: Most SRLs are designed only to be mounted above the user. For cases where this is not possible, specially designed Leading Edge SRLs (sometimes referred to as Foot Level SRLs) are required. ANSI classifies these as SRL-LE devices. These incorporate factors to absorb the extra energy associated with foot-level tie off, as well as more robust cables to resist breaking when ran against a leading edge. Leading Edge SRLs come in both mounted and body worn options so you can get the perfect SRL no matter what.


When it comes to getting the job done right, tools are an important part of the puzzle. Our Gear Experts® know that without the right tools staying productive can be difficult. Columbia Safety and Supply is your complete source for job site tools from hand tools and power tools, to accessories - our selection can handle any job. No matter what you need, we’ve got the tools to help you be safe and do more. Our dedicated team has spent years sourcing the best tools from world-class manufacturers like Milwaukee, Bosch, Klein, Dewalt, and Wilton.

PPE & Work Wear

It’s no secret that there are countless hazards on a job site. From mother nature and the equipment used to chemicals and the limits of our abilities (like to see at night) being prepared for anything the job site can throw at you is an important part of the workday. At Columbia Safety and ,we pride ourselves on being North America’s premier outfitter of fall protection, safety equipment, and gear for at-height workers, industry, and construction and that’s why we’ve committed to being your source for all of your personal protective equipment and work wear. From apparel and head protection to hand, eye, and hearing protection + everything in-between, we’ve got what you need to stay safe and productive on the job.

Bags & Buckets

Bags and buckets have two jobs. 1) to make transporting your tools and equipment easier and 2) to protect those tools and equipment while being transported. Our history in at-height, industry, and construction has allowed GME Supply to source a collection of the best bags and buckets for any situation. Whether you need a canvas bucket or tool pouches - we’ve got the gear you need to get the job done.

Canvas Buckets: Canvas buckets are perfect for hauling tools, shackles, and other small accessories around a job site and while working at-height. The canvas composition is stronger than traditional bags and ensures that your buckets are up to snuff. They also have the feature of being lighter than plastic buckets which can make all the difference when you’re climbing or walking all day. The general premise of canvas buckets are all the same, however, there are some important things to consider when picking your canvas bucket.

Points to consider include whether or not you need the bucket to have specific certifications. Does the bucket need to be flame resistant or chemical resistant? What type of handle should it have - canvas or rope? Do you need attachment points and how many? Do you require a top? What about space and additional compartments? These are all questions that will affect your bucket choice.

Don’t worry, we’ve got a bucket for everyone no matter how you answered the questions above. For more information on how to pick the right bucket and some details about how to know which features are right for you, check out our blog post here.

Tool Pouches: Tool pouches are diverse - meaning there is something cool out there for everyone. There are three main styles of tool pouches: bag, holder, and pouch. Many of the tool bags resemble canvas buckets. They have many of the same design features and range in sizes from small (ideal for screws, nails, bolts, etc.) to fairly large (ideal for hammers, wrenches, and small power tools). Tool holders typically come in tunnel loop or slotted connection styles and are designed to fit onto a belt.

Tool pouches are designed to wrap around your waist and provide a series of pockets ranging in size to hold all of the tools and accessories you might need. Some tool pouches have the ability to add additional holders for expanded space.


While we would all like to think that accidents never happen and rescues never need to be performed, that isn’t the case. Accidents do happen and being prepared for whatever might arise and being ready to perform a rescue at a moment’s notice can be the difference between a bad situation gone worse and everyone going home at the end of the day.

With our selection rescue equipment and complete kits, you can be ready for the rescue no matter what it requires.

Anchors & Lifelines

Columbia Safety and Supply is your source for anchorage and lifeline solutions

Anchorage: Anchors provide secure attachment points for workers. There are many different ways to properly anchor depending on the job and structure. No matter what solution you choose, be sure to look for anchorage points that are rated for at least 5,000 pounds or even an engineered solution designed for your specific application.

Anchorage is not something to guess on. If you have any questions about what type of anchorage you need or what options will work best in your specific situation, click here to contact one of our Gear Experts®.

Lifelines: Lifelines are pretty self-explanatory. They are literally your lifeline when working at height. When you are hundreds of feet off of the ground, you want to know that your lifeline system is up to the task in the case of a fall.

Material Handling

When it comes to material handling - knowing that your equipment is up to the task is critical. At Columbia Safety and Supply, we pride ourselves in being your gear experts and helping you be safe so you can do more.

Our selection of material handling equipment includes shackles, slings, and hoists.

Shackles: Shackles are a key component of any material handling setup. Having the right shackles can be the difference between a job running smoothly and having a whole range of different problems. Our selection of shackles includes a variety of sizes and metal treatments so you can get the perfect shackle for your material handling situation. We also have a variety of both domestic and imported shackles so you can ensure that you're always in compliance.

When picking your shackles there are a few key points to make sure that you pay attention to. The first point is the country of manufacture. Many times it is required that you use a domestically made shackle due to manufacturing and testing standards. The diameter is important too, after all a shackle that won’t fit isn’t of much use. Lastly, the WLL or working load limit to ensure that your shackle can handle the load you plan on lifting.

Slings: Material handling is a diverse job and when it comes to doing it properly you will need slings that are just as diverse. We’ve got slings in all sizes and materials to ensure you’ve got access to the equipment you need to get the job done. From endless web slings to wire rope slings, and everything in-between, we’ve got just the sling for you.

We also feature sling multipacks. These sling kits are built to help outfit your crew with all the slings they need while saving cash by buying in bulk. You’ll be up and running in no time with our custom-built endless sling packs.

Hoists: We know you’re strong, but making heavy lifting a little easier can help a day on the job go a lot smoother. Our selection of chain & cable hoists can help you get the job done. We offer a wide range of hand and lever hoists so that no matter what the job requires, you’re ready to tackle it. With hoists from industry-leading brands like JET and Tuf-Tug, in a variety of load capacities and lengths, you’ll find a chain & cable hoist for any situation.

When it comes to picking out the right hoist there are a few things to make sure you check. A big factor is weight and size. A heavy hoist doesn’t always equal a strong hoist. Modern metal like aluminum can be as durable and as strong as all steel, with significantly less weight. When it comes to size, a compact hoist can help save space and with modern designs, the compact body doesn’t have to sacrifice strength or durability. Of course, the two most important factors are capacity and lift. Ensuring that your hoist has been designed to lift the weight you need at the height you need it will ensure that you can get the job done and stay safe.