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BlueWater Ropes 13mm Titan Slings

Multiple Options

Guardian Premium Cross Arm Strap

Guardian Bull Ring Anchor

FallTech Web Pass-Thru Anchor

WestFall Pro Adjustable Beam Anchor

SafeWaze Reusable Roof Ring Anchor

Sterling Rope 11/16 Inch Nylon Slings

DBI Sala 2103670 Permanent Roof Anchor with Cap

French Creek 1789 Parapet Wall Anchor

FallTech Temporary Window and Door Anchor

Guardian 00101 Beamer 2000

DBI Sala 2104560 Concrete D-Ring Anchor

Petzl C42 Connexion Fixe Anchor Strap

00455 Guardian Temper Reusable Anchor

WestFall Pro Dyneema Anchor Sling with Ring

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1-16 of 180

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An anchorage connector is used to join the connecting device to the anchorage when a direct connection does not exist. Anchorage connectors, commonly referred to as a tie-off point, may be anything from an I-beam, column, rebar to scaffolding, or other structural member. It is crucial to select the proper equipment to anchor your fall protection system. Anchorages and anchorage connectors must be easily accessible, capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. of force per worker, and they must be located high enough for a worker to avoid contact with a lower level should a fall occur.