GME Supply Wind Rescue Kit

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Westfall Pro PSK 7/16 Inch Kernmantle Rope-White-300 feet   + $0.00
PMI KT36158 SMC Advance Tech Haul System   + $0.00
GME Supply Orange Rescue Rope Bag   + $0.00
PMI Easy Pick-Off Strap   + $0.00
Petzl I'D D200S0 Small Self-Braking Rope Descender   + $0.00
Petzl Croll Chest-Mounted Ascender Rope Clamp   + $0.00
Rock Exotica P22-B Machined Rescue Pulley   + $0.00
Rock Exotica P21 Machined Mini Pulley   + $0.00
Guardian Cross Arm Strap-3 feet   + $0.00
7436 WestFall Pro 4-7/8 x 3-1/8in. Aluminum Carabiner 7/8in. Gate   + $0.00

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    GME Supply 9060 Wind Rescue Kit


    GME Supply Wind Rescue Kit

    GME Supply's Wind Rescue Kit contains everything you need for pick-offs and rescuing for wind energy applications. The 9060 Rescue Kit makes rescuing easy by offering a 4:1 mechanical advantage. This kit includes a GME Supply Waterproof Rope Bag to conveniently keep all of your rescue gear together for emergency situations. 

    Kit Includes:

    • 300' WestFall Pro PSK 7/16" Kernmantle Rope With Sewn-Eye
    • GME Supply Rope Bag
    • PMI Easy Pick Off Strap - The PMI Easy Pick Off Strap was designed to weigh less and take up less room too.
    • (7) WestFall Pro 7436 4-7/8"x3" Aluminum Carabiners 
    • PMI Advance Tech Haul System
    • Petzl Small I'D Descender
    • Petzl Croll Chest Ascender
    • (3) Guardian 3' Premium Cross Arm Strap
    • Rock Exotica P22 Machined Rescue Pulley
    • Rock Exotica P21 Machined Mini Pulley
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    SKU GM-9060
    Manufacturer GME Supply
    Manufacturer Model 9060
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