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JOBOX Piano Box

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JOBOX Piano Box


  • Site-Vault Security System
  • Full-Length Steel Lock Console
  • Fully-Welded Padlock Housing
  • Door Opens to 90°
  • Formed ide Wall
  • Punched Holes for Hanging Storage
  • Lift-N-Stow Shelf
  • Formed Lid Sides welded to Lid
  • Staked and Welded hinges


  • High-Gauge Steel
  • Powder Painted Coated

Size Options:

  • Option 1 (1-689990):
    • Special features:
      • Sidewall storage 
    • Dimensions (inches):
      • Length: 74
      • Height: 50
      • Width: 31
    • Weight (empty)
      • 430 pounds
  • Option 2: (640990)
    • Dimensions (inches):
      • Length: 60
      • Height: 49.88
      • Width: 30.5
    • Weight (empty)
      • 308 pounds

The perfect combination of storage space, organization, and security, the world-renowned JOBOX Piano Box is a job site must-have. Steel Body and Lid provide superior security for tools and equipment. Bolt Cutter Proof Locking System protects the padlocks inside 12-gauge steel housings. Only the bottoms of the padlocks are exposed. This box is ideal for crews that are growing. Either option provides additional storage space over traditional JOBOXs. These boxes allow for hanging of gear and the storage of various items to keep the job site tidy and reduce the risk of misplacing tools.

Manufacturer: Jobox