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Model#: C-JSP-F8-800

Stock#: C-JSP-F8-800


JSP Force Typhoon 8 Half-Mask Respirator

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JSP Force Typhoon 8 Half-Mask Respirator

** Compatible with the JSP PressToCheck P100 Filters


  • Adjustable four-point cradle suspension
  • Reflectivity for safety in low light
  • Rubber gasket for superior fit
  • Fits PressToCheck filters
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Comfortable
  • Ability to easily check the negative seal to ensure the user has a proper fit on their respirator using PressToCheck
  • The exhalation valve points downward to limit exposure to exhaled air (also will not fog welding hoods or shields)
  • Fits more flush to the face and fits under the smallest of welding hoods.
  • Very lightweight, easy to replace filters which will have a long use life (28-day maximum life)
  • NIOSH Approved
  • 10-year shelf life

The JSP Force Typhoon 8 Half-Mask Respirator features twin filter valves with low breathing resistance. It offers comfort for all-day way and fits PressToCheck filters. With the added CR2 reflective points, your safety is improved in low light situations. Three sizes and the 4-point cradle suspension offer a customized fit for each person.

Available Sizes:

  • JSP-F8-810 (Small)
  • JSP-F8-820 (Medium)
  • JSP-F8-830 (Large)

Manufacturer: JSP