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Zinc Kote Zinc Film Cold Galvanizing Coating
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Zinga ZC Zingaspray Cold Galvanizing Aerosol - 12 Pack

Zinga Z5 Zinc Film Cold Galvanizing Coating - 1/2 Gallon

Zinga Z10 Zinc Film Cold Galvanizing Coating - 1 Gallon

Zinga Solv Hydrocarbon Solvent (1 Liter)

Zinga Solv Hydrocarbon Solvent (5 Liter)

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Thirty years ago, the industrial market had a strong need for a corrosion resistant system that would match the reliability and the efficiency of thermal galvanisation, but offer a rather more practical application technique. Such a system was the ‘missing link’ in the chain of development and repair. In response to this demand, we decided at that time to develop a full-fledged galvanisation procedure without restrictions in its use: a system that, where application possibilities are concerned, not only lies within the reach of the industry, but also of the general consumer.

The research that led to the basic formula of ZINGA® took years and is still continuing nowadays in close collaboration with Umicore and the University of Ghent. Today, the next generation coatings are being developed, thanks to our ongoing pursuit of quality and durability coupled to a deep concern for environment protection and energy conservation.

The economic and ecological added value of the film galvanisation system ZINGA® and the input by Zingametall is notable. ZINGA® fills the void of the ‘missing link’ in the natural corrosion cycle. ZINGA® allows us to retain for longer periods of time the developed structures, spend less and use less energy, pollute less and make better utilisation of the natural materials. With this vision as our point of departure, we will continue to carry on and face new challenges as we go. We are assisted in our efforts by our worldwide distributors who knowledgeably provide information about the ZINGA® benefits and advantages. It is a fact that, wherever you are in the world, rust never rests!

Whether it is a matter of the cast-iron sculptures on the façade of the Teatro Municipal in Rio de Janeiro, the monorail in the swarming metropolis Chongqing, or the ferry docks in Vancouver, constructions of that size are very expensive and very important. They are steel structures that require heavy investments and are exposed to multiple types of assaults. Heat, tropical downpours, condensation, the influence of the sea nearby, sandstorms... Steel has a hard time of it! Or maybe not? The three abovementioned examples, together with thousands of other steel constructions across the world, have been treated with ZINGA® zinc coating. Because of this, they are protected against all outside aggressive influences and fluctuations in climate. In this way, ZINGA® is considerably extending their life expectancy and, consequently, the return on the investments made in them.

ZINGA® is a liquid form of galvanisation that has forged its place as the indispensable link in the chain of construction and repair. It can be applied with the same ease as paint but offers better protection than thermal galvanisation (the so-called hot-dip). ZINGA® protects steel against all forces that cause rust, whatever the climate. ZINGA® looks like paint, but it is, in fact, zinc: minute grains of zinc in a selected mix of resins and solvents. Galvanisation with ZINGA® is called film galvanising or ‘zinganisation’.

From her wish for constant self-improvement and evaluation, Zingametall has decided to obtain an ISO certificate.
Zingametall has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of:
ISO 9001:2008 under certificate number BE 05/1293.QA