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Model#: G001AA00

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Petzl EJECT Friction Saver



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Petzl EJECT Friction Saver


  • Adjustable friction saver allows the work rope to be set up without harming the tree
    • Multiple setup configurations on the branch: wrap-around or choked. It is also possible to link two anchors for small branches
    • The adjuster allows precise length adjustment of the strap
    • The special design helps protect the tree
    • Supplied with a 1.5 m high-visibility yellow strap, which is replaceable. The strap can be linked to another 1.5 or 2.5 m strap to lengthen the friction saver and enable work on larger trees
    • Rope installation is possible only if the friction saver is correctly set up and the gated attachment point is locked
    • Gated attachment point remains locked as long as the rope is installed in the pulley
    • Recommended for use on doubled rope The system may also be used on a single rope
  • Optimal efficiency
    • The integrated high-efficiency pulley optimizes rope glide at the anchor
    • Two-person use is possible, for carrying out a rescue
  • System is easily retrievable from the ground
    • Attachment point unlocks via the retrieval ball, once the rope comes out of the pulley
    • 21 mm yellow retrieval ball, specially designed for the EJECT friction saver, for easy retrieval from the ground
    • Strap and loop are slim, to reduce the risk of getting the friction saver stuck in the tree

Designed for tree care, the Petzl EJECT friction saver allows the work rope to be set up, without damaging the tree, even in narrow forks. It offers multiple setup configurations on one or two branches and has an adjuster that allows precise length adjustment of the friction saver. Rope ascents and movement in the tree are optimized, thanks to the high-efficiency pulley which facilitates rope glide at the anchor. The included retrieval ball makes the system easily retrievable from the ground.

Diameter: 28 mm
Length: 1.5 m
Manufacturer: Petzl
Material: Aluminum
Stainless Steel
Rope Compatibility (Min/Max): 11 - 13mm
Standards: CE EN 12278
CE EN 795 B
TS 16415
Warranty?: 3 Year
Weight: 1.08