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Petzl JANE Rope Lanyard

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Petzle Jane Rope Lanyard

The Petzl Jane Rope Lanyard is a non-adjustable dynamic rope lanyard with abrasion protected ends that is designed for workers over 200 lbs.  These lanyards combine with an ABSORBICA energy absorber to create an I or Y energy-absorbing lanyard that helps hold the connector in position.
  • Sewn ends protected by a plastic sheath to hold the connector in place and protect the ends from abrasion
  • Different lengths correlate to a greater weight capacity
Available Lengths and Weight Capacity:
  • (L5060) 60 cm
    • 110 g
  • (L50100) 100 cm
    • 130 g
  • (L50150) 150 cm
    • 185 g
SKU C-PZ-L5060
Manufacturer Petzl