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Portable Winch 82V Greenworks Battery

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Portable Winch 82V Greenworks Battery

Battery Size Capacity (WH) Charging Time (Minutes) Weight (Pounds) Length (Inches)

Width (Inches)

Height (Inches)
2.5 Amp Lithium-Ion 205 36 3.4 8 6 3.5
5.0 Amp Lithium-Ion 410 75 6 9 6 3.5

The Portable Winch 82V Greenworks battery comes in a variety of options to suit the worksite needs. Compatible with Greenworks Commercial battery-powered tools. The slow discharge rate is only 1.25% per month. However, it can be recharged at any point without damaging its cells. It also features a charge gauge that shows remaining available. 

These batteries have been optimized for performance in the PCW3000-Li. The robust construction allows for long working life. When the time comes the batteries are fully recyclable.

Manufacturer: Portable Winch