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Rope Access Certification Course (SPRATĀ®)

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Rope Access Certification Course (SPRAT®)

Rope access provides a safe, cost-effective, and efficient means of access, egress, and positioning for work at height:

  • construction
  • engineers
  • inspectors
  • window washers
  • maintenance of structures, buildings, towers, bridges

Adding a SPRAT® certification to your toolbox will improve your chances of being hired as employers increasingly rely on SPRAT®-certified workers for their skill and practice in safety and awareness while on the job.

Become a Rope Access Technician and improve your safety at height and your skill set. This four-day class will provide the information and skills you need to pass the SPRAT®certification session that will be held on the fifth day by an independent SPRAT® Evaluator.

Participants will learn many skills, including but not limited to:

  • ascending and descending
  • rope to rope transfers
  • passing knots
  • short and long re-belays
  • passing deviation anchors
  • passing and installing rope protection
  • basic knot craft
  • the importance of fall factors
  • mechanical advantage systems

SPRAT® Levels Two and Three are also available, providing participant can provide proof of necessary hours for evaluation.

Classes are available on a per student basis at scheduled dates in Denver, CO.  Classes are also available at your location for up to 6 students.

Manufacturer: Vertical Rescue Solutions
Training Course Options: On-Site