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Model#: AAT-30

Stock#: SI-AAT30


Sunsight AAT-30 AntennAlign Alignment Tool



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Sunsight AAT-30 AntennAlign Alignment Tool

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  • Align antenna azimuth, tilt, roll and height better than carriers’ specifications
  • Full-size cellular panel antennas, all Ericsson AIR antennas, small cell housings, and the ability to capture azimuth from the ground
  • Creates an alignment report for individual antennas or the entire site. Includes azimuth, tilt, roll, height and geographic location (Lat/Long)
  • Send reports with all antenna measurements right from the site using any device (Android, iOS, Windows, etc)
  • No additional software, no post-processing, no cables required
  • The lightest instrument on the market at 3.6 pounds; fast, easy to use amount at 2 pounds
  • Most durable unit available; RF shielded, weatherproofed aluminum housing; wet, cold, extreme heat is no match for the AAT-30
Specifications  AAT-30
Azimuth (Heading) Accuracy
+/- .3 RMS
+/- .5 R95
+/- .75 R99
Tilt and Roll Range and
Accuracy (degrees)
+/- 22.5 range
+/- .1 accuracy
AGL Height (ft) +/- 1 standard
+/- .125 premium
Horizontal Accuracy (ft) +/- 1**
Vertical Accuracy - MSL (ft) +/- 2**
Size (in) 17 x 3 x 2.6
Weight (lb) 3.6


** Depends on multipath environment, number of satellites in view, and satellite geometry. Requires SBAS corrections.

The Sunsight AAT-30 AntennAlign Alignment Tool (AAT) ensures accurate antenna positioning during installations, deployments, and operations with its leading-edge techniques. Simple and easy to use, the AntennAlign can be mounted several ways to fit a variety of antenna settings. With its powder-coated aluminum housing, the AntennAlign offers a durable antenna alignment solution that saves time and money. 

This alignment tool also offers an on-site quick capture feature that collects position data that is not available prior to climbing. A Sunsight soft carrying case, wrist cuff, and side mount come included with the AAT-30 alignment tool.

Sunsight offers a 3-year manufacturer warranty. For more information please click here to view their policies. If you need to file a claim, click here to start the process. 

Color: Yellow
Country of Manufacture: United States
Housing Material: Aluminum
Industry: Tower Climbing
Length: 17"
Manufacturer: Sunsight
Warranty?: 3 Year
Weight: 10.20