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Jameson Bucket Mount Divided Tool Tray

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Jameson Bucket Mount Divided Tool Tray


  • Fixed bucket mounts
  • Removable dividers can be adjusted to create up to 7 compartments

The Jameson Bucket Mount Divided Tool Tray is an extremely versatile accessory for bucket trucks with endless customization options. This tray provides safe, convenient storage for tools outside the bucket. It is also an ideal solution for organizing your aerial hardware, anchors, clamps, drill bits, and much more. Made of high-impact ABS construction offering long-life durability with natural water repellant and UV resistance to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Width: 23"
Depth: 8"
Features: UV Resistant
Water Repellent
Height (Generic): 8"
Manufacturer: Jameson
Material: High-Impact ABS